Exciting photos and videos from past Fly-Ins!

Petit Jean Fly In 2018 By Kent Officer

Petit Jean Fly In 2017 By Kent Officer

Petit Jean Fly In 2016 By Kent Officer

“All the Smiles – PJ 2017” by Kent & Lana Officer

Spring Break Video on Petit Jean.. This is one of my favorite Petit Jean videos…’s not really RV but it’s all about fun at Petit Jean! You can’t watch this 2 minutes and not appreciate Petit Jean, good times, and good friends.

Shorter video of the trail heads and overlooks. Sort of a quick walking tour of the various trails and overlooks. These are the easy parts where there are walkways, overlooks, and other tamer “hikes.

Video on Cedar Falls Trail. Nice relaxing video with good shots of the falls about 2:40 or so….Mather Lodge toward the end.

Museum of Automobiles .. Just shows you a lot of the antique vehicles you can see close up. Brings back a lot of memories… grandfather told me about ;–)

Church of the HIGH SPEED PASS  …. Folks this is what RV flying is all about!  If you haven’t seen this… well do yourself a favor and turn the sound up and enjoy!

World Record Flight of 50 Vans aircraft. Bulldog Flight was 8 of the first 16 ship leading diamond! Wait for the end of the anthem!