Exciting photos and videos from past Fly-Ins!

“All the Smiles – PJ 2017” by Kent & Lana Officer

Petit Jean 2016 – and a skosh of 15 by Kent & Lana Officer

Van’s Aircraft recently visited the Petit Jean, Arkansas fly-in, and we were reminded again of what a fantastic community the 9,500 strong RV builders have formed all over the world!

This is a ramp ground & aerial tour plus take off and circle around the mountain.

This covers a lot of what goes on at Petit Jean. Mostly visiting, flying, eating, and RVSocializing. Be sure and check out the formation flights about the 7-8 minute mark. The trails are pure gravy. Check out the State Park Websight on the front page for trail pictures.

Video by Paul Grey – PJ 2013

Hiking Petit Jean Trails by Texas Hike-aholics .. Great longer video with good views by people that really like to hike! This is a great scenic hiker kind of overview video covering a lot of ground but the kids in the next two videos are having more fun!

Bear Cave Trail HD . 2 minutes short but you gotta like this one. Five friends making memories .. It’s a good time watching them have a good time. Be sure and watch the climb to the top about 2:00 -3:30 mark where they all scamper around some spooky tall rocks.

This is an aerial view of various places in the park but in particular “Petit Jean Overlook”. This is the place that much of the formation video was shot! We will try to get some professional photography done this year by Dan Valovich.This was shot by Tim Donar with a drone and has some interesting perspectives on various park locations!

Spring Break Video on Petit Jean.. This is one of my favorite Petit Jean videos…’s not really RV but it’s all about fun at Petit Jean! You can’t watch this 2 minutes and not appreciate Petit Jean, good times, and good friends.

Shorter video of the trail heads and overlooks. Sort of a quick walking tour of the various trails and overlooks. These are the easy parts where there are walkways, overlooks, and other tamer “hikes.

Video on Cedar Falls Trail. Nice relaxing video with good shots of the falls about 2:40 or so….Mather Lodge toward the end.

Museum of Automobiles .. Just shows you a lot of the antique vehicles you can see close up. Brings back a lot of memories… grandfather told me about ;–)

This has NOTHING to do with Petit Jean but it’s the best RV video ever for capturing the spirit of the RV world. Turn the sound up and listen closely to the music.