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The RV Gathering in the Clouds

This was the year of the Fly, Ride, Drive …. and then Camp, Hike, & Lodge 🙂 All day low overcast let only three airplanes into Petit Jean on Friday but over 70 pilots and passengers still Flew some,. then Rode, and Drove in for dinner at the RCC. It was amazing to see. Between 11:30 and 1:00 PM Saturday, Air Boss Bob recorded 48 planes landing and parked in 90 minutes! Eventually we had almost an even 100 airplanes for the weekend. What a great group of friends! This link contains some really really nice flying shots by Paul Brown and Dan Valovich. If you were there, you will want to check these shots for a wall hanger of your very own!

By Dan Valovich.

Dan is a professional photographer we have shoot pictures because usually no one has a good flying picture of their airplane. Dan uses a fancy double exposure to get some amazing color enhancements on his photos. Dan can send you some really special shots for a very nominal charge. We highly recommend his wall hangers. These shots are pretty exceptional from a color saturation standpoint.

RCC Dinner and Ramp Shots by Sara Works

Sara is part of our Bulldog Team and shoots a lot of our Formation footage. These pictures are all over the ramp and include shots from Dinner Friday night at the RCC.

Petit Jean 2015 – All the Smiles . All the pictures

Petit Jean 2014 – Photos and Albums

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