Registration & Reserve My Room Deposit Process

The 2023 RV Gathering at Petit Jean Mountain is ON ON ON!   (big smiley) … October 6th-8th Friday – Sunday but the good news is that in addition to those days, we will be there on Thursday the 5th for early arrivals and set up.

If you want a room somewhere, in addition to the Friday – Saturday at the RCC, please let me know and we’ll work hard to find you a dry roof.  Last year we had 20 airplanes and a nice dinner at Mather Lodge Thursday night and plan to do that again!  So here we go ….

You are on the  PJ Repeaters early bird notice list and you have an opportunity to use the RESERVE MY ROOM  or campsite process or with no fuss and some high likelihood of getting one if you act now … like today!  (Sure hope this works  😉)    You may have received this email a couple of times but it’s because we don’t want to miss our special RV friends who support both Petit Jean on the Mountain and the PJ Hill Country Soriee in Fredericksburg.  Being on this provides you the opportunity to apply and/or reserve a room at the RCC for October 6 – 8.  It doesn’t guarantee you a room reservation but it makes it easy for those that act quickly and want to support the FlyIn rain or shine!   The flyin has become something of a cult event for RV’s and RV people and we love it that way.   The only problem is that for the last two years, we have sold out of the limited Rockefeller Center Rooms in the first few hours, and it has been a trying experience for many folks.   With three hour waiting times when the morning reservations opened last year, lots of folks waited and waited on hold only to be told the rooms were sold out.   Last year during the event, we suggested that we might take a non-refundable fee to reserve a room ahead of time which would eliminate the wait and uncertainty.  That advance fee will secure you a room reservation (based on order received) and will be applied against your registration fees when you arrive.  BUT if you get weathered out or just cancel two weeks out, the fee is now a donation to cover some (not all) of the costs we had already committed to like meals, transportation, and campground set up.   Remember everything we do has to be preplanned and hauled up to the mountain.  We had almost universal support for that concept so here it is.

And remember if you don’t want to take advantage of the pre-pay option, we’ll be releasing the group number to the open registration at the hotel like last year and it will likely be the same long wait on hold with no guarantee of room availability. Usually, there are some cancellations at the last minute but no guarantees.


All you need to do is the Online Registration. Click Here No prepays needed, (but we would gladly accept one 😊 see camping options in the Pay Pal menu ) just a confirmation that you are coming so that we can prepare and commit for transport, meals, etc. We always run out of rooms on the mountain early but we have never run out of campsites….. so far!

Want confirmed LODGING at the RCC  ???  …. Read ON!

To reserve your room at the Rockefeller Conference Center, you can make a potentially non-refundable deposit via PayPal button on the Registration Page on the Petit Jean Web Site . That deposit will be applied against your flyin registration fees when you arrive and secures you a spot in line for rooms at the RCC. This should get us around the 4 hour wait on the phone when registration opens up. If you do the prepay option and don’t make it in, your deposit is applied against the amounts we have to put up front for the flyin.  If you got this email, it’s because we know PJ is important to you and we want you to have the best experience possible.  Your support is appreciated.

We will apply your registration position against the available rooming list and notify you in 7-14 days if you are confirmed.  If you are not confirmed at the RCC, your deposit will be refunded.  If all rooms at the RCC book up and we think they will, we will be making alternate accommodations available on a first come first serve basis as we get them lined out but that will be your call, we’ll work it out!   So here is the drill:

  • Remember we’ll still go by order registered and this group should be covered if you do it now before open registration this weekend.   If we can’t get you in at the RCC, we will refund your preregistration fee but it does hold your specific spot on the waiting list.  It also gets you preferential treatment on any alternate accommodations that might become available.    Again, if we confirm you a room at the RCC, it’s a non-refundable deposit.   If you get/stay on the wait list and don’t get a room at the RCC, we will absolutely refund your pre-registration fee if you choose not to attend.
  • After you read these instructions click here to go to the Pay Pal Button link shown below and chose one of the rooming options.
  • Confirm your PayPal fee payment using your credit card or PayPal card.
  • Please specify Single Bed or Double Bed Rooms and which nights.  That lets us maximize the number of couples that can attend.  The deposit is about half the registration fee for a single or couple.
  • Campers prepay deposit is appreciated but not required.
  • Expect a confirmation within 7-14 days and a confirming group number which you will use when you make final reservations at the RCC in early September.  You will be able to call at your leisure and give them your CC information.
  • As you finish the PayPal transaction, it should take you to the OnLine Registration which we desperately need you to fill out.  If it does not, we have also attached the direct link to the On Line Registration below.

This is an optional direct link to the ON LINE REGISTRATION if it didn’t go there automatically as you finished with PayPal!

We hope this streamlines the process and insures that those folks who support the flyin will have the best opportunity to attend and say at the RCC if they are not campers.  If you want to reserve two or more rooms, you will need to go through the process once more for each additional room reservation.  We are also actively looking for additional rooms in the area and we will hold those for anyone using the prepay process.

Thanks  we’ll be looking for you on the RV Mountain!

PS … all of the usual repeat offenders have called:   We’re in In IN …  for PJ 23!

Please if you get this multiple times today.  Please just reply back on that email and I’ll drop your name from that specific list.

Questions or Comments, please email me at